LAR tour – Last Minute Artist in Residences is world’s number one in last minute artist in residencies’ bookings!

You need a break from your normal life as an Artist? To reflect, to read, to write, to get inspired or simply to take a breath? But the Residency you applied for didn’t work out? Or you forgot to apply for a residency, a fellowship, a researcher-forum in time, which is normally half a year in advance and actually quite unreasonable in these high-speed times? Don’t worry, we at LAR tour discovered the need of Last Minute Artist in Residencies. All locations we offer are controlled and trusted partners of ours since years. You recognize them while travelling also by our ‘Trusted LAR tour partners certificate’. Take a look at our regular offers, they range from small budget versions to high class opportunities changing your life as an artist. Promised!

If needed we can assist you in finding suitable travelling offers and connections.

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